Abe & Andrea Huber

Abe and Andrea Huber have three children: Priscilla (married to Israel Subira), David, 20 and Daniel, 16.  Abe has his B.A. from Columbia Bible College (now Columbia International University) and Andrea has her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UNIFOR.

Abe and Andrea pastored for many years Igreja da Paz (Peace Church) in Santarem (on the Amazon River). That church has over 45,000 people and 350 other daughter churches in the region. Abe and Andrea moved with a big apostolic team to plant another work in Fortaleza (in the northeastern area of Brazil). There the church has approximately 4,000 people and over 60 other daughter churches. Abe and Andréa continue to give apostolic covering and supervision to the churches in Santarem and Fortaleza, and have recently moved with an apostolic team of 300 missionaries to Sao Paulo.

The new church plant in Sao Paulo is scheduled to have its official inauguration in 2020. Besides helping other churches win Sao Paulo for Jesus, Abe and Andrea believe God has called them to use Sao Paulo as a powerful missionary base to send out hundreds of large apostolic teams to plant mega churches in the mega cities of the world. This apostolic ministry is called Acts in Action.

Because of the impact of the cell group and discipleship one on one model that Abe and Andrea have developed, thousands of churches in Brazil and the world are putting these principles into practice. This model is called ADM (Apostolic Discipleship Model). Abe is also president of the ADM Association (in Portuguese: Associação MDA) which is an inter-denominational network that serves thousands of churches.