Aaron & Esther Helland

Aaron grew up on the mission field in Chile, South America and then completed his bachelors and masters degrees in business at Oral Roberts University. Wanting to be in ministry full time, he then completed a masters in practical theology from Southwestern University in Bethany, OK. While working on his degree, he worked with a church planting team to plant 14 churches among the Spanish-speaking people in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri.

Esther is the daughter of PAZ founders Luke and Christine Huber, and grew up in the Amazon Basin. She worked as a missionary in Japan for 2 1/2 years before earning her bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and then her master’s in Teaching English as a Second language from Oral Roberts University.

Aaron and Esther Helland and their 4 children, Joshua, Christina, Gracie and Lil’Aaron, are working in Fortaleza, Brazil, in the PAZ church there. Their main goal is to win, disciple and train leaders to also do the work of the ministry so that many people will come to Jesus. They work with their people one-on-one, in their small group (cell) context and in the celebration services on Sundays. Aaron also travels with teams of volunteers who go on missions trips around the state of Ceara and trains them on how to effectively evangelize and pray for the sick. These teams have seen countless miracles including blind people receiving their sight and stroke victims being healed and so much more! Because of the miracles, many people have come to Jesus! These new believers then receive special care by the PAZ church people in the area so they can be integrated into the church. Aaron also teaches in the PAZ Bible school and Esther helps with the slum children’s ministry. Aaron and Esther and children are so grateful to be able to touch people’s lives with the tangible Love of God!