Seth Quant

I’m Seth Quant, a co-laborer with Christ, a church planter with Paz International, and an anti-suicide advocate in the Greater Tokyo Area. I believe everyone deserves an epic reason to wake up in the morning. The reason? Friendship with Jesus makes our lives better than we can imagine.

“Why do you serve in Japan?”

Really, I was an unlikely candidate for life-long missions work. No one, myself included, expected me to leave my comfortable life in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

My life was planned out. (Well, that’s not wise according to James 4:15.)

Fast forward a bit to my college years. Eager to participate in the highly recommended Oral Roberts University missions program, the Holy Spirit guided me to join my senior year. Placement on Team Japan (and my sister Sierra’s providential placement on the same team), confirmed that everything was going to change.

That whole process presented a significant challenge. My senior project deadline was quickly approaching, along with missions fundraising. The experience was late nights and some long prayers. Simultaneously, I was applying with 2 software development companies for work after college. More late nights, more prayers.

I had no idea what the future held for me but started to sense that Japan might be part of that in November 2013.

“What are you doing these days?”

Thank God for the unlikely!I use my passion for technology to build and maintain the suicide prevention program Choose Life. My love for worship fuels my singing-while-serving as your friendly Sunday sound guy. The precious experience of teaching Japanese elementary school children has really assisted my preaching in children’s church.

To continue planting churches and to raise up Japanese leaders I serve the grand vision and grand people of PAZ Church Japan. We are excited to partner with all the people that we know now, and are excited to work with new partners to help spread the good news about Jesus in Japan (Matthew 28:16–20).

My mission:To serve Japan by raising up disciples of Jesus in growing local churches that reverse despair into testimonies of life.

My vision:My vision is to see 30 million Japanese people passionately pursuing Jesus; sending more than 30,000 Japanese missionaries to other unreached people groups around the world by 2035.

How can I help you?Let me encourage you on your own life adventure, wherever that may be! Feel free to share your adventure stories, make worship music recommendations, swap prayer requests, or ask me about learning Japanese anytime at my personal