John & Silvia Eisenmann

John was raised in rural Illinois, graduated as an Agricultural Engineer and worked professionally with Caterpillar until 2009 when he became an international missionary to the Amazon Basin of Brazil.

Silvia was raised in Santarem (the location of PAZ headquarters) and had already graduated as a Nutritionist when John moved there. She was serving with her local PAZ church, working at a hospital, and volunteering as a medical missionary for the PAZ International Mission.

God brought us together, and in 2010 we were married and began working full time to support church planting in the Amazon.  At the same time, we grew in our local city church as family group leaders.

In 2014 we saw God lead us to join a team of missionaries to Japan, where we currently serve as administrative leaders.  Besides keeping all of the details in place behind the scenes for PAZ Church Japan, we joined a church plant team in 2023 to the city of Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture.

John leads PAZ Coffee Shop, a ministry designed to support the church planting efforts in Japan.  By opening the doors for people to become familiar with the church and the people before ever committing to visit, and by establishing a positive and transparent presence in the local community, we break down barriers that keep people away.

We homeschool our five boys, Antony, Samuel, Asher, Caleb, and Ethan.  Silvia keeps the boys in line and participates in various groups to keep them active.  

The Eisenmann family enjoys outdoor activities of all kinds, like camping, hiking, biking, and skiing.  John runs marathons and Silvia cooks to keep all the six guys energized.