PAZ International Aviation Project

The Paz International road began many years ago with Pastor Lucas Huber, when he realized that a faster means of transport was needed to reach remote places. As the church grew, the mission extended its area of ​​work further and further. This quickly led to the need for an aircraft to cover increasingly larger areas of Supervision. The first plane he used was a Kolb ultralight, with an open cabin.

Today it is noticeable that missionary aviation, in addition to carrying the gospel, also acts directly in the social area, providing medical transport, rescuing the injured or sick, drastically reducing the mortality rate in cases where time is crucial to save a life. Peace International aviation has carried out supervision flights evangelism exploring new unreached areas but also purchasing an essential share in the health sector, carrying doctors, nurses, dentists and medicines. There are countless testimonies of successful rescues of people in emergency situations. We make it clear that we are not an aeromedical service, nor do we represent any competition for it.

Weekly missionary vessels leave our ports heading to the communities, some of them traveling for more than 3 full days just to reach the communities, while with the aviation program this can be overcome in fractions of hours or sometimes minutes. This gives us the possibility of spending more time,  and resources investing in the lives of people in that place than time on transport just to get there and in most cases at a much lower relative cost.


Today we are operating a small two-seater LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) plane (pilot + 1) with great efficiency for places where operations are more restricted, and there is a need for a Stol plane (short Take off and Landing) for short takeoffs and landings.

We are, however, engaged in the project of acquiring a larger aircraft, with capacity for 6 people (pilot + 5), which will give us, in addition to greater cargo capacity, also the possibility of taking larger teams, and supplies to further places with greater autonomy and security.

The Peace International aviation project not only meets the needs of the mission itself, but is also an interdenominational program linked to ALEAM (Evangelical Missionary Aviation Alliance) serving other missionary organizations, including World Christian Mission (MCM). , Associação Seminar Flotuante, MNTB, among others.

Pray for the Missionary Aviation project, also for the families involved in this ministry, that God will provide all the necessary resources, and that the resources for the new Plane will be provided.

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